3 reasons why I don't use Facebook for my business

Thursday, July 07, 2016 | Eva Pettifor |

3 reasons why I don't use Facebook for my business

So many online marketers and web designers will recommend that 'every business should have a Facebook page' but I disagree.

I believe Facebook can be a very powerful marketing tool for the right business or person who is willing to invest the time and money but for me, I have opted out a long time ago (and still doing very well without it), these are the main reasons why:

1. It's a time waster

As a sole trader, my first priority are my client projects and support plus the day to day extra's like admin, bookkeeping, quotes and enquiries to name just a few. Marketing is also included in my list of things to do, and I do love doing this but I prefer to use this time wisely on my own blog, direct client communication via email marketing and keeping my website up to date. You could argue that while I'm doing my blog, why not add the link to Facebook as well as it wouldn't take long. I have tried this and experience shows it is not worth my while. Why do it, if it is of no benefit to my business or my clients (who incidentally didn't necessarily want to follow my page). I find it also wastes further time when I'm posting a business item and I end up browsing around too much - No! I should be working !!

I believe if you are not willing to commit to regular posts, it is best not to do it at all. Nothing looks worse than visiting a business Facebook page and see that it has been abandoned with a bit of ancient activity, you may question whether this business is still operating... do they care? If you post a question, would they answer? This also applies to your blog or website in general, these online documents need to be well maintained and cared for, it's basic house-keeping!

2. My business isn't suited to Facebook

In my introduction, I mentioned that Facebook can be fantastic for certain businesses (or people with the time and passion for it), but it's not for my web design business (or my personal style). I could post about my website launches and share interesting snippets about the web and internet but I don't have time for the research, sourcing graphics and at the end of the day, I've tried it and it wasn't that popular (or enjoyable for me). I don't run competitions or promotions for the general public, or have office photos or staff news. Website and technical info can be seen as rather dry, and I don't have time to try and make it funny or search for cartoons. I think people are over this sort of thing, there is too much of it already, Facebook is crowded.

On a side note, I have kept my Linked In account active as this is more business orientated and I believe more suitable for me. I'm  not very active on this platform but it is nice to link with other business owners and endorse each other when relevant.

3. Facebook push business posts to the bottom

If the above challenges aren't reason enough, Facebook have recently announced that family and friend's posts will be of higher preference and business posts will be pushed to the bottom. This is fair enough too, as a personal Facebook user, I would rather see my family's posts than business promo's. It's another reason I'm glad I'm not fighting for my business to be seen here (or having to pay Facebook a regular fee for a sponsored listing). After-all, they want to make money from business listings.

I opted out of my Facebook business page about a year ago or longer. I haven't missed it. I'm still busy. I still have work. It's not for me. BUT the reasons above are my own, I'm not suggesting they would be the same for you. I felt a sense of relief when I de-activated my account, it was liberating! You never know, I may pick it up again and run with it one day, but at this stage I can't see this happening.


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