Northern Territory business funding available

Thursday, July 21, 2016 | Eva Pettifor |

Northern Territory business funding available

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme, is designed to support entrepreneurs in Australia’s identified growth sectors including oil & gas (and enabling services), mining, food & agribusiness, advanced manufacturing and tourism in Northern Australia.

A series of services are offered through the Entrepreneur’s Programme; the point of entry for most businesses will be via the ‘Business Evaluation’. Under this service, businesses will be assigned a Business Adviser to work with them to conduct a business evaluation (at no cost to the business) which will identify:

  • Relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategic business issue
  • Critical areas for business improvement
  • Potential pathways for growth

After the Business Evaluation process has been completed there are a number of options to continue through to various other service offerings including Business Growth Grants (up to $20K available per business on a matched funding basis), Business Growth Services, Tourism Partnerships, Supply Chain Facilitation and Innovation Connections.

To find out more about the programmes including the business eligibility guidelines please contact the relevant business adviser:

Oil & Gas (and enabling services), Mining, Food & Agribusiness and Advanced Manufacturing:
John Mackenzie, Business Adviser, Entrepreneurs’ Programme
Phone: 0427 986 401 Email:
Rachel Telford, Business Adviser - Deloitte Private
Phone: 0418 473 853 Email:



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