Please see the FAQ's below which outlines how we work. If our process sounds suitable for you, please complete our quote form further down and we look forward to hearing from you.

We've seen some really cheap websites advertised, can you match (or beat) the price?

We understand it can be tempting to choose your web designer based on price alone but no, we don't barter our pricing or take shortcuts on a job to undercut other designers.  We love to work with clients who value our work and expertise and then we can spend the time working on the best result rather than rushing to complete a 'cheap' job. Having said that, we aren't considered very expensive either and will do our best to work to your budget, perhaps starting off simple and growing your website in stages as your business demands. We agree that getting quotes for a new website can be confusing and price will need to be a factor. To make it easier, we recommend that you check designer's portfolios for their work quality to ensure you are seeing a fair comparison. We are happy to provide a quick estimate, so feel free to complete our online form further down.

Is there funding available?

Yes! We are approved consultants of some NT Government funding which includes website development for eligible businesses, not many people know about it! Please request this info and we will point you in the right direction.

How long will our website take?

A very broad estimate is typically 3+ weeks and will vary from project to project. The timing will depend on our schedule at the time, complexity and size of the job and your response time for a few key areas during the project.

What's included in your projects?

We offer a complimentary consultation in our Darwin office to introduce ourselves and find out more about your business and what you want to achieve online.  

Our project process involves six steps which will be outlined clearly in your quote.

Your website will be mobile responsive and will re-scale nicely across all device sizes including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We ensure your website reflects your branding with a customised design that is easy for your visitors to use, looks professional and modern and is search engine friendly! Attention to detail and digital strategy also come with each project (which is a step above 'building a website').

Are you local?

Yes! We are based in Darwin NT and also have a home office in Humpty Doo. Business founder Eva Pettifor has been a Territorian since 1996 and has been operating Darwin Web in the Territory since 2004. Be aware : many businesses advertise that they are based in Darwin whereas they really operate interstate, they use clever search engine tricks to make it look like they are a local business in the NT. If using a local business is important to you, be sure to investigate their true physical location.

What would you need from us?

Answers to some questions: We'll need to learn about your business so we can strategically plan your site and put forward recommendations and a quote. We can have a chat here in our office, or for basic sites this can even be done via email.

Content: To build your website properly, We’ll need your content before we begin the design and development. This includes your logo, text copy and any images you wish to use. This can be overwhelming for some clients so we will provide you with clear step by step guidance and assistance with content gathering. Starting with the content first will ensure your site is designed in the best way possible and highlight all of the important aspects to funnel visitors where you want them to go.

Your availability: There will be points in the project where you will be needed to approve designs or answer any queries about your content before we can proceed to the next steps. If you are planning to be absent during our project, please let us know before starting, so we can factor this into our scheduling. 

Where to from here ?
If you think we'd be a good fit and would like to proceed further, please complete our online form below to register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!