Online Marketing

A website and online marketing go hand in hand. We don't stop at designing a website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The CMS platforms we choose are designed with the search engines in mind. We include SEO in all of our projects and have achieved great results for our clients over the years. Every website we develop comes standard with 301 redirects, SEO friendly URLS and customisable meta-tags. We also provide a consultation service to ensure you are utilising other SEO tools that are available outside of your website.


There are a variety of ways to keep your audience up to date and in effect they could all be considered methods of 'blogging'. It can be overwhelming to choose between all the options available including a website blog, news listings, events calendar, social media campaigns, email marketing and more! We assist you in sifting through the choices and finding a fit for your business that is realistic, manageable and effective.

Social Media

While we don't manage the day to day aspects of social media for our clients, we will work with you to ensure your social platforms of choice are included in your website and displayed in the most effective way. If we can save you money by using free social media platforms instead of building something complex in your website, we will tell you!

Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics to your website so you can track user activity and visits. This is helpful to get valuable feedback on how your website is performing and where your visitors are coming from.