A Chinese registrar has sent me an email saying someone has applied for my domain name, what should I do?

Eva Pettifor


March 2013


There are emails circulating from domain registration companies in China trying to convince you to register the Chinese equivalent of your existing domain name.

I have received the following email myself (and there are different variations circulating):

Dear darwinwebdesign team,Our organization received a formal application from a company who is called Moltion Ltd are applying to register "darwinwebdesign" as their domain name and Internet keyword. In order to prevent cyber piracy,Please explain: 1: Whether this company is your IT supplier or distributor.2: Whether you are interested in registering these domains first to preservation your company’s brand. (.cn .com.cn .net .asia .eu and keyword etc…)We are now obligated to inform you this issue ,So we will handle the next step after this audit procedure. Pls understand.Best regards ObertMww Group Internet: www.todayisp.comInternet: www.dboxs.org Email: Obert@dboxs.orTip: Don’t answer the email or they will do the hard sell. I’ve seen the same email on numerous occasions over the years – so all is fine to delete and forget.

If for some reason you think that you DO need a chinese domain name, please contact a reputable local domain registrar for advice on registration.

Further reading

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Eva Pettifor

Founder and project manager at Darwin Web


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