How can I promote my business reviews?

Eva Pettifor


July 2016


Have you received a collection of testimonials from happy customers from various sources over the years? Make sure you add them to your website!

These days there are numerous ways of rating a business service, it may be a Facebook or Google review, yellow pages star rating, an email from a happy customer to name just a few. While these are all fantastic it would be even BETTER if you could consolidate them all on your website. Online marketing methods come and go, if you decide not to advertise on Facebook for example or it loses popularity, you would lose all those well earned reviews when your account is finished with.  Your website content is truly yours, so the testimonials you collect are safe from outside trends.

Be sure to ask your customer's permission if you are going to copy their review onto your website. Even if they posted it online already via a social media channel, it's best to check that it's alright with them to copy it across to your website as well. Don't be afraid to ask your clients for a short review when you have completed their job, make it part of your project process. It's great to receive their feedback even if negative, you will know how to improve. You won't always know if you don't ask.

It's very effective to have reviews displayed prominently on your home page, either as a random quote or a dynamic scrolling element and then a link to your testimonials page which lists them all.

Especially good for small businesses who aren't well known, testimonials can give you credibility and give future customers piece of mind that you actually exist (you can never be sure if they found you on the internet)... are professional and provide high quality goods or services. It's easy for a business owner to say they are "the best" but who ever believes that! It is much more powerful message if it comes directly from your customers.

Eva Pettifor

Founder and project manager at Darwin Web


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